The Crafting Game

Introduction to the Crafting Game
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The group is mostly experience D&D players, perhaps a bit jaded or too knowledgeable about the system. There’s a lot of custom material that will pop up as their world knowledge goes up, if they survive.

The game starts in a small village called Val Paras. It’s roughly a week’s journey to the nearest “big city” and the villagers like it that way. They’re moderately prosperous as a whole – the residents of Val Paras have been craftsman, tucked away from wars and skirmishes between kingdoms. In the past 40 years, word has spread regarding the excellence in crafting, bringing more travelers out on a regular basis.

The players first adventure starts innocently enough, having made various items for sale, they depart for a yearly harvest festival. Making your goods well is important, but it’s also good to know who buys it – they take a wagon of goods north.


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